Monday, 11 June 2012

Jamberry Nails + GIVEAWAY

there are some freebies to give away from jamberry nail sheilds if you go and  check out Tamaras blog 

**easy to apply, simply heat with a blow dryer and apply
** easy to remove, heat and remove
** long-lasting – lasts up to 6 weeks on toes, 2 weeks on fingers, or longer!
** affordable – each sheet comes with 18 “strips”, enough to do up to 4 sets of fingers/toes
** covered in a high-gloss protective coating so no top coat is needed
** won't damage your natural nails
** can be used over acrylics or gel nails
** they come in over 150 designs!
**No wait time for drying!

I really need some of these for both fingers and toes! off to check out the website now

ttfn x


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