Monday, 3 September 2012

Ella's Pinny!

got my new sewing machine last week, so been having a play, made Ella this tabbard (pinny gramma) she loves it!!

have done some aprons with just a front both with Maisie on and also some cammo ones for boys (pictures to follow) 

I have so many sewing ideas I want to try!

message board

 my first attempt at making a message board, have been and purchased some more material now to have a serious go at these, is a blank canvas frame, covered with 2 layers of wadding, then covered with material and ribbon for the criss cross, buttons sewn on and then another thinner board covered with material on back and then all stapled together, very simple, but am concerned now that I wont make my money back on these now I have bought dearer material!! can see me just using as gifts for friends and family!

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